AUIS Team Competes in Asterakani Zanko Game Show

The competition invited 24 universities from the Kurdistan region to participate in the three round competition. A team of six AUIS students from different majors played against a team from the Sulaimani Polytechnic University. The teams were challenged to collect points by answering questions from 12 categories including science, geography, history, technology, etc…  
The AUIS team consisting of Awyer Krekar, Ara Ibrahim, Barzi Mohammed, Bawan Awat, Jwtyar Jamal, and Zhalin Ibrahim won by scoring the most points, qualifying them to move to the next round.

You can watch the full episode on the K24 website here.

Dr. Lynn Rose to present at 2018 International Education Conference

Dr. Lynn Rose, Professor in the Social Sciences department at AUIS, will represent the Center for Gender and Development Studies at the 2018 International Education Conference at ADA University, Baku, Azerbaijan, June 6-8. The theme of the conference is “Strategizing Educational Development: Reflections and Way Forward.” Dr. Rose will present “You are the Generator of Society,” a paper on unlearning learned helplessness through service learning.

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