The Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

The Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship

The Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship is awarded in the fall of each year to a student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement and university spirit. The $1,000 scholarship provides support for tuition feeshousing and course-related expenses.
Initial Selection: At the end of the Spring term, the Registrar will identify the students with between 80-100 completed credits with the highest cumulative grade point average in each of the University’s academic programs (majors). 
Those students will be encouraged to apply to the Blake and Bailey Family Achievement Award.  One winner from each major will be selected to receive the Blake and Bailey Family Achievement Award.  
The Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship: Based on student applications, University service, and financial need, a selection committee comprised of faculty and staff will award the Blake and Bailey Family Endowed Scholarship for $1,000 to one of these students. The winner of the Scholarship will be named in the annual Commencement program. 
Awardees for 2019-2020 
Tara Burhan Business Administration
Areena Dler Ismail Engineering
Barzi Halgurd Mohammed English Literature
Hawkar Heidar Osman Information Technology
Mariam Muhanad Majeed International Studies