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Student Clubs

At AUIS, we believe a student's activities outside the classroom are important to educating the whole person and to providing students with a well-rounded university experience.

Involvement in student organizations gives students the opportunity to make an impact and leave their mark at AUIS, while developing new skills and forging new relationships.  

To that end, we encourage all students to become active in the many campus activities taking place at AUIS. Through our many campus activities, AUIS students develop a diverse set of core values that honor teamwork, sportsmanship, community and leadership, while enhancing self-confidence.

For more information about student activities on campus, please contact the Student Services Coordinator, MIna Bassam Attar, at mina.bassam [at] (subject: Student%20Organizations%20at%20AUIS) .


Engineering Club 
The AUIS Engineering Club aims to promote engineering education at AUIS. Our objective is to have more educational and exciting activities such as engineering workshops, field trips and competitions.
President: Mohammed Badeea 
Vice president: Zanwer Hasan
Treasurer: Mustafa Abbas
Secretary: Lanya Ahmed 
Faculty Advisor: Raguez Taha, raguez.taha [at]

Archeological and Cultural Heritage Club (Arch) 

ARCH is a student group which aims to explore and document local archaeological sites by visiting them, taking photos and collecting information about them. Our goal is to publish our information online through our blog and our Facebook page

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tobin Hartnell, tobin.hartnell [at]

AUIS Voice
The Voice is a newspaper by the students and for the students of AUIS. It is an independent publication and is not connected to any political party, religious group or ethnic group. An editorial that appears without a byline represents the views of the student editorial board of the paper. Any other column, letter or cartoon is the work of the attributed author.

The Voice is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press.  

Editor-in-Chief: Artin Barawi, ab15005 [at]

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Saman Fuad, sa15022 [at]
Faculty Advisor: Tobin Hartnell, tobin.hartnell [at]

AUIS House of Readers

The mission of this club is to encourage AUIS students to read books and provide a comfortable where they can freely discuss them. Books provide both the opportunity to reflect on our lives and to think about the larger world, to consider ourselves in the context of generations before us and cultures beyond our borders and that represents the goal of our club. We want to read books that are interesting, that make you think, and that stimulate your imagination!

Join our club if you want to read, think, discuss, and have occasional free cookies!

President: Armanos Ahmed, armanos.ahmed [at]

Chess Club

The Chess Club is dedicated to setting up a chess community that gathers chess players from all over campus. They also work to improve players' skills, teach new players the fundamentals of chess, and organize tournaments for players on campus, regardless of skill level.

President: Brusk Awat, brusk.awat [at]

Faculty Advisor: Mazen Bou Khuzam, mazen.boukhuzam [at]

Chomsky Language Club

The Chomsky Language Club's (CLC) purpose is to expose students to a variety of languages. They work to give students the opportunity to learn different languages through fun tutoring activities, as well as increase student understanding of different cultures.

Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Campbell, elizabeth.campbell [at]

Debate Society
The AUIS Debate Society encourages free speech and intellectual debate on important and contentious issues. Students practice logically articulating arguments while respecting the merits of each other's ideas in the American Parliamentary Debate style. The Debate Society meets once a week and has competed in tournaments in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East.

Faculty Advisors: Christine van den Toorn, c.vandentoorn [at]

Development Club
This organization studies and analyzes issues related to sustainability and development in Sulaimani.

Faculty Advisor: Rachel Laribee, rachel.laribee [at]

AUIS Drama and Film
The AUIS students' acting company has performed scripted and improvised pieces on and off campus since 2008.

Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth O'Sullivan, elizabeth.osullivan [at]

AUIS Hiking Club
An organization founded to make students more familiar with the beauty of nature. Interested in exploring the beautiful mountains surrounding Sulaimani? Then the Hiking Club is made for you. Latest news and information is available on the club's facebook page

Faculty Advisors: Sean Smith, sean.smith [at]

IT Avengers
IT Avengers aims to become the focal point of contact for government, business and other educational entities who are interested in IT. The want to advance the knowledge and skills of its members by using technology for personal and professional achievement. The value professionalism and strive to uphold a high code of ethics and code of conduct. They would like to build an inclusive enviornment through mentoring, delivering on commitment, and working together. They strive to innovate, learn, share insights, and encourage our members to make a difference today and in the future.

Faculty Advisors: Hemin Latif, hemin.latif [at]

Manga Club
The Manga Club at AUIS aims to unite anime/manga fans in our university to unconditionally enjoy, talk about/discuss, and discover the plot and lessons that mange and anime teach us.

Founders: Ahmed Abdul-Ameer, Leah Omar Farooq
Faculty Advisor: Edith Szanto, edith.szanto [at]

Math Club
The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the mathetmatical skills of the AUIS community and foster the already existant mathematical potential of the AUIS students. We hope to engage math enthusiasts in challenging and stimulating mathematical concepts, skills and problems. We want to introduce the AUIS math enthusiasts to the global mathematical world. 

Faculty Advisor: Linda Smail, linda.smail [at]

Philosophical Reading Club
This club aims to bring philosophy into life via the reading and discussion of selected traditional texts. Our approach is based on considering the philosophical life as not academic alone, but as using a dialectical method to develop an awareness of the key aspects of reality (outward and inward), and to achieve an objectivity toward oneself, with a view toward living a good life.

Faculty Advisor: Eric Merkt, eric.merkt [at]

The Action Group (TAG)
The group draws on the energy, ideas and initiatives of students for the good of the community. It aims to engage with a wide range of issues including injustice, social inequalities and environmental pollution. It thrives to establish firmer links between AUIS and the wider community through conducting research, facilitating workshops, taking joined actions, organizing conferences and exhibitions, and producing short films to disseminate the ideas within AUIS and the larger community.

President: Zryan Ibrahim
Vice-President: Kazhan Mohammed
Secretary: Sonia Abdalla

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Choman Hardi, choman.hardi [at]

If any student is interested in joining TAG group, please contact the president at zryan.ibrahim [at]