Guidelines for Students and Tutors | The American University of Iraq Sulaimani

Guidelines for Students and Tutors

Please ensure that you adhere to these guidelines when working at the Writing Center, whether as a student or tutor. 

Guidelines for Students

  1. Students should plan ahead and take an active role in improving their writing.
  2. Students should not expect the tutor to set the Agenda.
  3. Students are responsible for bringing their assignments with them and have thought about what they want to improve in a particular paper, or in their writing more generally. 
  4. Students working on papers longer than a 5-page paper will need more than one session. 

Guidelines for Tutors

  1. Writing Center tutors are students who have completed a training seminar and continue to learn through staff education workshops.
  2. Tutors mark errors on a paper but rather read through it with the student and work through areas previously identified.
  3. Tutors help students become better at assessing and editing their own work.
  4. Tutors will not set the agenda for a session.