On April 16, 2019 The Institute of Regional and International Studies (IRIS) at AUIS hosted a symposium and panel discussion titled "Rebuilding the Iraqi State: Spotlight on Basra," co-hosted with the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). Speakers included:

- Renad Mansour (Moderator): Chatham House & IRIS
- Dhia Al-Asadi: Former Minister and MP (Ahrar Bloc)
- Jasim Al-Helfi: Iraqi Communist Party
- Belkis Wille: Human Rights Watch
- Zmkan Saleem: IRIS & AUIS
- Ali Al-Madan: Basrawi Researcher & Writer
- Hisham Al-Hashimi: Iraqi Facilitators Network
- Hanaa Edwar: Iraqi Al Amal

Event description: In 2018, regular summer protests in the southern province of Basra escalated into an unprecedented degree of social unrest, which was met by violent repression from state and allied forces. Was this period in Basra a one-off, or does it suggest we are entering a new era of protests is emerging? How have relations evolved between the new government in Baghdad and the province in the last year? Has the new government effectively addressed grievances, or will the upcoming summer see more protests?