Iraq Leadership Fellows (ILF)

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While IRIS is best-known for its work as a policy research organization, we firmly believe that research must always be coupled with effective advocacy and practical engagement. To that end, the Iraq Leadership Fellowship (ILF) was founded in 2017 to equip the next generation of politically and socially engaged young Iraqis who are keen to shape the future of their country. On an annual basis, the ILF recruits 40-50 fellows representing every province of Iraq (aged 25-35) to undergo a year-long leadership and advocacy training program. 

The Fellowship offers two parallel curricula - the social activist track (for young leaders of civil society organizations) and a political candidate track (for current or aspiring candidates). The training for social activists focuses on building the skills needed to mount effective community-based initiatives, while the training for future political candidates develops the core competencies required by the electoral process. Unlike other training efforts that often dissipate with the conclusion of the workshop, the ILF program cultivates an active alumni network of 200 graduates and fosters ongoing collaborations.