On November 4, 2021, IRIS held a roundtable on the economic and political implications of the boom in private universities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The event was organized as part of the Iraq Economic Review (IER), which is currently conducting a study of the private education sector across Iraq, including the Kurdistan region. The roundtable invited key policymakers and stakeholders from the government and education sector. Participants included Sazan Ahmad (Advisor for Administrative and Academic Affairs at Komar University), Rebwar Mala Nabi (Board Member of Qaiwan University), Ibrahim Rasheed (Director of Private Studies at the Ministry of Higher Education), Khalid M. Omber (Faculty member at Sulaimani University), and Karzan Kareem (Advisor to the KRG council of Ministers). The discussion was moderated by IRIS Policy Researcher Abdurrahman A. Wahab.