Iraq Votes 2018: Election Mobilization Strategies

This report — the first in a three-part series dedicated to pre- and post-election developments and government formation — evaluates the trends in electoral mobilization strategies and similarities between and digressions from those of previous elections. The report concludes that while many candidates reflected those of previous elections, growing disaffection... Read More

Iraq's Economy after ISIS: An Investor's Perspective

Iraq's potential as a post-conflict investment opportunity has slowly improved since the fall of Mosul in 2014, but political and legal obstacles must be overcome before the country can attract significant investment. In this report, IRIS non-resident fellow and Chief Investment Officer of AFC Iraq Fund, Ahmed Tabaqchali, explains the... Read More

Water Resources Management in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

While water crises are commonly framed as natural hazards or the result of suboptimal economic outcomes, they are quite often the consequence of short-sighted political decisions. From this perspective, the IRIS fellow Alessandro Tinti engaged with government officials, environmental activists, and international experts in the water sector to identify pressing... Read More

Decentralized Rent-Seeking in Iraq's Post-ISIS Economy

IRIS Non-Resident Fellow, Dr. Mark DeWeaver , an emerging-markets fund manager, ISX investor, independent economist and author, authored this IRIS Iraq Report (IIR) titled: “Decentralized Rent Seeking in Iraq's Post-ISIS Economy: A Warning from the Concrete Block Industry.” This report is based on fieldwork conducted in Iraq is March 2017,... Read More

War, Health & Refugees in Iraq: Stakeholder meeting report

On April 27, 2017, IRIS hosted a roundtable entitled “War, Health, and Refugees in Iraq,” in partnership with the SEED Foundation and Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Anthropology . IRIS Research Fellow James ‘Mac’ Skelton, who is currently completing a PhD in Anthropology at Johns Hopkins University, chaired the discussion... Read More

Obstacles and Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region

In the context of the AUIS Entrepreneurship Initiative (AEI), this report, written by IRIS fellow Aaron Bartnick , points to the main obstacles and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. It also presents policy recommendations suggesting ways government institutions could help support entrepreneurship and small businesses. The... Read More

Reporting on Minorities Across Iraq in Arabic & Kurdish Press

IRIS, with the support of Free Press Unlimited (FPU), conducted an assessment project looking into the state of minority portrayal in Iraqi media. In consultation with local journalists, 25 media outlets (13 from Iraq and 10 from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq) were selected for monitoring over the course of... Read More

Fifth Annual Sulaimani Forum Proceedings

Now in its fifth year, the Sulaimani Forum is a high-level policy conference that explores issues facing the Middle East region, with a particular focus on Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. Over the course of two days, scholars, experts, and policymakers from around the world convene to discuss current trends,... Read More