B.S. Mechanical Engineering

The AUIS Department of Engineering offers breadth and depth, immersing students in an international-style engineering curriculum taught by distinguished faculty from around the world and utilizing high quality lab resources. Graduates of the Engineering Department will have an advantage in a quickly-evolving job market with an increasing number of international companies.

As Kurdistan’s economy grows, a diversity of projects will demand strong background in mechanical engineering, calling on engineering to apply physics, material design and engineering to build and analyze mechanical systems. Mechanical Engineering students will take a range of courses, including calculus, physics, chemistry, mechanics, drawing, thermodynamics, circuits, statistics, design, transport phenomena, engineering economics, manufacturing systems and control systems.

AUIS’s innovative Mechanical Engineering curriculum has been designed in consultation with a range of international companies and with the Kurdistan Engineering Syndicate. It has been formally and fully approved by the KRG Ministry of Higher Education.