CGDS Participates in the “Women's Movements in the Middle East: Film and Panel” Event

On March the 6th, 2020, Dr. Choman Hardi, CGDS Director, took part in “I Am The Revolution,” a screening and panel at the graduate center of the City University of New York. The theme of the event was feminist struggles in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Rojava. Hosted by the Emergency...

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 22:15

CGDS Gains Institutional Membership in the Disability History Association

CGDS is proud to support The Disability History Association (DHA) as an institutional member. The DHA is an international non-profit organization that promotes the study of disabilities throughout history. This includes, but is not limited to, the history of individuals or groups with disabilities, perspectives on disability, representations/ constructions...

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 16:15

CGDS Deputy Director Named Country Representative to WDRPA

The World Disability and Professionals’ Association has appointed Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Deputy Director, as Country Representative for Iraq. The mission of the WDRPA is: “As advocates, to motivate, empower and engage persons with disabilities globally. As practitioners, to assist in creating and developing the highest quality of inclusive,...

Monday, March 2, 2020 - 15:30


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