Iraq Climate Dialogue

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Climate change and environmental degradation pose complex short-term and long-term challenges for Iraq and the Kurdish region, yet a sustained national policy conversation on Iraq’s unique environmental challenges has yet to gain steam. In coordination with Iraq’s Ministry of Environment and other government partners in federal Iraq and the KRG, the Iraq Climate Dialogue (ICD) will generate a national and international policy conversation around the core issues at stake through in-person events, an online climate portal, and a network of local/international climate researchers. The ICD complements and builds upon the existing climate-related activism and political engagement of civil society actors at the grassroots level, ensuring that these voices are elevated into a national and international policy dialogue. The ICD will likewise complement and coordinate closely with existing implementation initiatives such as the Mesopotamian Revitalization Project, ensuring that these efforts are informed by robust policy dialogue and debate. The Iraq Climate Dialogue initiative is sponsored by Taurus Arm Company.

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