On August 28, 2022, IRIS hosted a roundtable discussion in partnership with the Moja Team in Najaf. IRIS Research Fellow, Ms. Ranya Bakr, focused on exploring the industrial sector in Iraq and its potential and the global surge in real estate prices and its repercussions on the Iraqi economy and urban development schemes. On the other hand, IRIS Senior Fellow, Mr. Ahmed Tabaqchali, highlighted the factors that led to the sharp rise in oil and food prices over the last eighteen months, which have intensified following the invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Tabaqchali also explored the challenges of the KRI's independent oil exports and the implications for the KRG's oil export revenues. The discussion was part of both fellows' ongoing research, which will be published in the Iraq Economic Review in October 2022. The roundtable event was attended by a group of economic experts including the Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Najaf.