On November 25, 2019, IRIS hosted a panel discussion with Abdulaziz Jarba of Al-Tahreer Association for Development, Dr. Zmkan Ali Saleem of IRIS, and Dr. Mahmood Azo of Mosul University entitled "The Failure of Reconstruction in Iraq: Spotlight on Mosul." The panel was chaired by IRIS Director, Dr. Mac Skelton. This event was the official launch for the KAS and IRIS report "Mosul and Basra After the Protests: The Roots of Government Failure and Popular Discontent." The discussion focused on the local politics and competition for power and resources in Mosul, and how this struggle has undermined efforts for reconstruction. The conversation emphasized the challenges facing civil society in Mosul, who are calling for reconstruction and human rights. However, at present, powerful political parties and militias have taken advantage of the post-conflict vacuum of power to impose themselves on Mosul's economy and political apparatus, thereby detracting from and stalling reconstruction efforts.