Dr. Hemin Latif

Dr. Hemin Latif is director of AEIC, an educator, and an entrepreneur. He is an Assistant Professor and Department Chair of Information Technology at American University of Iraq, Sulaimani (AUIS). He holds a PhD in Interactive Systems and Robotics from Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and has worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for Innovation and Technology Exploitation (CITE) in the United Kingdom (UK). His research interests include Creative Coding & Computing, Interaction & Experience Design, Physical Computing & Robotics.

As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of two businesses operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). He has always been a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition to his formal duties, he has supervised numerous capstone projects of IT students including winning projects of the City Award of Sulaimani and featured projects on multiple TV programs. He has also mentored and led a number of student teams to participate in different activities and competitions, including the top winning teams in the local competition of Microsoft ImagineCup for 2012.

Basta Seerwan Salih

Basta Seerwan Salih is AEIC's Project Coordinator and an AUIS alumni (Business Administration '19). She has a distinguished certificate in leadership and mentorship from World Learning. She devoted her time during the global pandemic to teaching and mentoring students of different ages. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership, science, math, arts and music. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, and studying to become a professional designer. She enjoys staying active with friends and family and finds swimming, basketball, and horseback riding refreshing. 

Sulaiman Sabri Muhammad

is a freelance graphic designer working as an intern and social media specialist with AEIC since March 2021. He is currently a Software Engineering student at AUIS and has previously interned with KEDO Organization and Leaders' Dream Company. He has a certificate of completion from The Economic Empowerment Program in Iraqi Kurdistan from the SPARK organization, founded by The European Union, as well as a Business English Certificate from the Smithson Business Center. 

Dunya Soran

is an intern with AEIC and a Computer Science graduate of the University of Sulaimani with more than five years of work experience in both national and international companies and organizations such as GIZ corporation, Startups Without Borders, Qaiwan Group, and more. She has volunteered with numerous groups and organizations including YTL, IYLEP,  UNDP, FURSA, Five One Labs, Hackasuly, and more. Her background in leadership, technology and entrepreneurship has helped her to develop a vision for empowering young people to be innovative. Dunya believes in the power of youth and the energy they have to make great changes in their community. With her positive energy to work in groups and interact with people she says, “Having conversations with people helps me understand the world better and know the things we can do to make it a greater place for everyone.