Why Iraq’s Protesters Won’t Go Home: 10 Voices from the Movement

**تتوفر ادناه نسخة من المقال باللغة العربية** Iraqi protesters’ resilience and commitment to their objectives have arguably been unmatched in Iraq’s modern history. To better understand the remarkable durability of the movement, IRIS reached out to 10 protesters and activists from several provinces (e.g., Baghdad, Najaf, Anbar), some of whom... Read More

The US Presence in Iraq: Emerging Positions of Iraqi Political Parties

Amidst the ongoing policy conversation about US-Iran escalations and the consequences for the American presence in the region, scant attention has been given to the nuances of the positions of different Iraqi political factions on these matters. Perhaps this is because policymakers assume that Iran will ultimately dictate how Iraq’s... Read More

The Kurdish Duopoly: The Political Economy of Two-Party Rule

The violence and political instability of the post 2003 era has generated a shifting set of alliances and blocs throughout much of Iraq, with the exception of the Kurdish region, which has witnessed a repeated reassertion of the longstanding norm: The region is co-ruled by a two-party duopoly under two... Read More

Reintegration of Combatants in Iraq after ISIL

The campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) culminated on 9 December 2017 when Prime Minister Abadi declared that ISIL no longer controlled territory inside Iraq. After years of fighting, tens of thousands of combatants began to return home, many to communities affected by war and... Read More