Sinjar after ISIS: Returning to Disputed Territory

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Image Source: Le Carabinier 2016 

In May 2016, IRIS Director Christine van den Toorn, journalist and Jamestown Foundation analyst Wladimir van Wilgenburg, and IRIS Coordinator Sarah Mathieu-Comtois, conducted a study on drivers of conflict in Iraq's disputed territories, using Sinjar as a case study, for the Dutch non-governmental organization PAX. The main output of this study is an extensive report offering insight on the new dynamics at play in post-ISIS Iraq. More specifically, it delves into lasting and evolving identity issues, new security and political stakeholders dynamics, justice and reconciliation processes, and reconstruction. As "local communities, affected by rounds of violence and frustrated by a lack of state protection, increasingly mobilize by joining non-state armed groups," this report presents policy recommendations for stabilization and return. 

The full report will be published in August 2016. In the meantime, an outline version, including targeted recommendations, can be found here, or downloaded directly by clicking on the image below.



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