IRIS Booklet Series: The State of the Economy

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The following is a series of IRIS Iraq Reports (IIR) on the economy of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) by IRIS non-resident fellow, Dr. Mark DeWeaver.

DeWeaver joined IRIS in November 2015. He is an economist, owner of Quantarian Capital, an emerging-markets fund that currently invests in the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX), and author of Animal Spirits with Chinese Characteristics: Investment Booms and Busts in the World's Emerging Economic Giant.

DeWeaver’s IIRs focus on the political economy of the KRI. From a report on the post-2014 economic collapse to an analysis of government reforms a year later, and an intricate account of the cash economy and banking system, his papers are based on extensive interviews conducted in Sulaimaniya and Erbil. The reports aim to educate local and international stakeholders about the situation “on the ground” and inform policy that will address the region’s economic challenges. More broadly, the studies serve as a case study of a petro-state.

As a research and policy institute based on the ground, IRIS’s mission is to produce such in-depth, field-based and policy-oriented research, offering a unique perspective on issues facing Iraq and its Kurdistan Region.

For more information or to contact Dr. DeWeaver, please email [email protected].

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