Kurdistan Open Data

Kurdistan Open Data is a long-term project that aims to create an online data repository for all different types of data on all different aspects of Kurdistan including but not limited to health, education, transportation, utilities, businesses, and many more. The initiative makes Kurdistan part of the open data movement that was initially started by the United States government, and now spread to the rest of the world.

CIDA believes that this project is of significant value for creating a data-driven decision- making culture. Kurdistan Open Data helps the government, businesses, and the civic society to make more informative decisions and minimize consequences that are results of nothing but poor planning and non-informative decisions.

This project is an initiative of CIDA Founding Director, Dr. Hemin Latif.

Housing Projects

Description: It is a brief summary of housing projects that have been implemented in Kurdistan Region by Kurdistan Board of Investment of KRG including project name, location and capital ($).

KURDS Activity Report July 2016

Description: The report states that since 1991 KURDS has implemented successfully more than 400 projects in the fields of construction of schools, health centers, water projects, irrigation channels and WatSan of schools, most IDPs and Refugees camps infrastructure, shelters and other basic public services in partnership with UNHCR. At the beginning of the report and after the overview of KURDS NGO, there is a description of a project that is undertaken in Khanik IDPs camp to improve the internal roads and access to public services.

Harikar Biweekly Report (16-28 February 2017)

Description: This bi-weekly report has been prepared by Harikar NGO, a neutral, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization established in 30th May 2004 by a group of social activists. The report highlights the services conducted by Harikar teams to develop the civil society through promotion the infrastructure of the basic services (Protection, Health, and Education) of children, women and Refugees/ IDPs. The implemented projects are funded by UNHCR, CARE, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, ASB, GIZ and Heartland Alliance International.

KURDS NGO Project Archive

Description: Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society “KURDS”, a humanitarian, non-governmental, non- political, non-Profiting and an independent community based and public utility Organization, aims to operate and work for the public interest. In their official website, they have established three subpages, each subpage includes a table that lists various projects which have been done in the three provinces of Kurdistan Region.

Licensed Investment Projects

Description: Kurdistan Regional Government Investment Board has published a report that contains a list of all the licensed projects in the three provinces of Kurdistan Region: Suliamani, Erbil, and Duhok. The information is presented in the form of tables and graphs. As a summary, the report shows a table that includes project number, investor name, project sector, project license number, governorate, project licensing authority, license date, project capital by dollar, projects area in donum and investment type.