Zhiwar Jawhar Rasul's Video: My Mother's Name

My Mother's Name is My Last Name

This video was made in Fall 2015 for a Module (ART 102) taught by Dr. Choman Hardi (Choman Saadia) at AUIS by Zhiwar Jawhar Rasul. The main aim of the video is to question patriarchal society and men’s sense of ownership in society by focusing on family names; the subjects in the video state their mothers’ names as their last names and restate some sexist idioms to make them non-sexist. Sexist language excludes a gender when discussing a topic that applies to both sexes and shows gender bias. Language has an important role in shaping the society, and it is a reflection of the society that reinforces stereotypes. In the Kurdish language, inequality has an obvious appearance in portraying gender imbalance.