“Life Means My Disability” Published

“‘Life Means My Disability: Ableism, Disability, and Gender in Iraq,” by Dr. Lynn Rose, has been published as the first chapter in H. Toker and Yıldız, A. (Eds.). 2022. “Gender Equality and Social Cohesion in Iraq,” Yasar University, UNESCO Chair on International Migration Report Series, 2, Izmir: Yasar University Publications. The editors summarize the piece as a discussion of “the implications of the combined forces of discrimination against women and discrimination against people with disabilities within the framework of sexism and ableism in Iraq. The author explains how women with disabilities in Iraq experience gendered ableism in an intersectional context of oppression that stems from a medical model of disability. Rose concludes that the problem that society needs to solve is ablesim rather than disability.” Dr. Lynn is the CGDS Director of Disability Studies. CGDS takes an intersectional approach to gender equality, considering all marginalized groups. The link to this publication can be found here

Image Description: There are two photos. One, the cover page of a publication, has three lines in large purple all-caps font, reading Gender Equality and Social Cohesion in Iraq. A solid purple line is above a purple triangle, below which is three lines in small purple font, reading Edited by Huriye Toker and Ayselin Yildiz. The other photo is page 14 from the publication. It is a painting of two people. On the left is a woman with long hair in a wheelchair, wearing a rose colored shirt and jeans. She is dancing with a man with short dark hair standing on the right, wearing an orange shirt and jeans. He has one leg and is using crutches. Each looks into the other’s eyes and both are smiling slightly. The muted yellow, blue, and green shapes in the background suggest an urban area. Beneath the painting we see the words Picture 2. Water painting, two people dancing, Lhon Fairh Nasrallah, used with permission of the artist (2020).