Dr. Lynn Rose Presents Research at Social Science Conference

On 24 September 2021,  Dr. Lynn, CGDS Director of Research and Disability Studies, presented “Tales from the Dead: Women and Health in a Kurdish Prison” at the International Conference on Social Science Studies. The conference, sponsored by the International Society for Research in Education and Science, was held September 23-26 in Istanbul. “Tales from the Dead” results from interviews conducted at the Sulaimani Women’s Prison by Dr. Lynn and Ms. Goshan Mohammed, AUIS Lecturer in Medical Lab Sciences and a CGDS veteran.

Image description: Six smiling people stand in a row facing the camera. All six wear white badges on brightly colored lanyards. The carpet is brightly colored in yellow, blue, and red on a brown background, and the wall behind the people is beige. There are three women on the photo’s left, then two men, and another woman on the right. A purple and white sign is obscured by the people.