CGDS Director of Research & Disability Studies Presents Paper

On Monday, September 20, 2021, Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Director of Research & Disability Studies, presented her paper at a webinar on women, disability, and the media, hosted by the University of Dipenegoro, in Java, Indonesia. The title of the paper was “The Procrustean Bed of Beauty: Women, Disability, and the Media.” The webinar was hosted by the Department of Communication Science, in the Faculty of Social and Political Science. An international audience of 185 people attended the webinar.

Image description: A poster in white and orange advertises a webinar series, Woman and the Media, in brown and orange script on the top left, with a blurred image of a clapperboard on the right. In the bottom range we see images of one man and one woman, with their names and affiliations written beneath in white font, along with other information about the webinar.