Textbook Reviewers


As part of our project funded by the EU, we reviewed school textbooks used in Iraq and Kurdistan, from years one through nine, in Arabic and Kurdish. For each book, our textbook reviewers counted the number of times males and females appeared. They also flagged gender inequity and sexism, along with incidences of ableism, animal cruelty, ethnocentrism, nationalism, racism, and glorification of violence. They also noted positive portrayals of diversity and equity. Our textbook reviewers combed through dozens of textbooks, noting not only written references but also illustrations. This result of the data they gathered includes a policy recommendation paper and a scholarly research paper. The name of our textbook reviewers are below:

Abdallah Wajeeh
Imran Sarmad Kawkab
Karam Faris
Marem Hussain
Nishtiman Khalaf
Rawan Ammar Aljubboori
Zahraa Tariq
Barzi Halgurd
Karbin Ahmad
Raz Mohammed Abdulla
Rebaz Aziz
Roza Dler
Sarwar Taha
Zhira Jalal