Rawa Ali

Social Media Coordinator and MENA Liaison

Rawa Ali worked with CGDS as our social media coordinator and MENA Liaison. Ms. Rawa, who is fluent in Arabic, English, and Kurdish, has lived in Baghdad and Sulaimani. She studied Social Media at Virginia Commonwealth University in the U.S. and Journalism at the Anglo-American University in the Czech Republic, and holds a degree in Information Technology from AUIS. She has volunteered with First Stage Qallawa, a community service organization, and Kurdistan Save the Children. She was a professional photographer at YES (Youth Excellence on Stage) Academy. Currently, Ms. Rawa lives in Erbil and works in the humanitarian sector.

Photo description: A woman with long brown hair, parted on the left, is seated at a table. We see her from the elbows up. She faces the camera, smiling. She wears a light peach colored blouse and jacket. Behind her is a window through which we see a night-time city scene, in which little, except for the partial form of a car, is distinguishable.