Mr. Shko Shwan


Mr. Shko joined CGDS at the beginning of 2018 as our coordinator, and later took the position of project manager for our EU funded project on education in the MENA region. An Information Technology graduate from the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, he holds a bachelor’s degree along with a minor in English Literature. Before joining CGDS, Shko worked in the humanitarian sector with NGOs such as Wuhan as a data coordinator and QANDIL (now SWEDO) as a database officer. He was also the associate editor at Bite.Tech and website administrator at the Chicago Institute of Business. Shko is interested in the fields of masculinity, educational technology, and instructional design. He left CGDS in September 2020 to begin his master’s program in educational technology in the U.S. as a Fulbright scholar. 

Photo description: A slightly-smiling bearded man with dark hair, in a white, collared shirt and wearing glasses, stands with his arms crossed, leaning back slightly and facing the camera, against a black background.