Dr. Susan Al-Naqshbandi

UNFPA Researcher
Email: [email protected]
Office: A-F2-36


Dr. Susan M. N. Al Naqshbandi studied Computer Science at al Nahrain University Iraq, after her Ph.D. graduation she went to Netherlands and legalized her diploma’s so as to start lecturing in Tilburg University (south of Netherlands) in 2011 as an Assist Professor. In 2013 she worked in VU University in Amsterdam. She is a Member of Soroptimist International Worldwide organization in Netherlands (Women Organization). After her return to Kurdistan in 2015 she worked for one Academic year in ISE/EPU. In 2016 she took up a post as head of department at the LFU. From January 2017 until September 2019, she has been Vice-President for Scientific Affairs at International University of Erbil. She Joined CGDS in August 30,  2020 as a Researcher for the UNFPA project.