New Publication in Disability Studies from CGDS

“The Varieties of Ableism: A Colloquium in Sulaimani, Kurdistan” was published in the spring 2022 issue of the Journal of Teaching Disability Studies. Summarizing the colloquium “Disability, Diversity, and Inclusion,” held in celebration of International Women’s Week in March, 2021, the article explores themes of ableism in Kurdistan-Iraq. The colloquium gathered people with disabilities and nondisabled people together to create awareness, and to name conscious and unconscious prejudices against people with disabilities. The participants of the event also looked at the way forward, through community mechanisms. Naming oppression is a powerful tool, and we hope that the workshop can serve as a model to other groups, especially in the Global South. The full article can be found here.

Image description: We see the letters JTDS in large bold blue font in the left field. In smaller font on the right are two lines, spelling Journal of Teaching Disability Studies.