Mr. Renwar Najm is Working Towards an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

CGDS is pleased to announce that Mr. Renwar Najm has completed the first part of his work toward an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. He is attending an international and interdisciplinary two-year program focusing on violent conflict, as well as its prevention and management. The program is jointly offered by the University of Kent, in the United Kingdom,and the Philipps-Universität Marburg in Germany, and is taught in English. He has finished his term at the University of Kent and will now begin the second half at Marburg.

Mr. Renwar holds a Bachelor of Arts (2018) in English Language and Literature from the University of Human Development (UHD). He has been working in Kurdish media for over ten years. As a journalist and editor, he has worked for several renowned Kurdish media outlets including Awene Weekly Newspaper and Xendan website. His articles and translations have been published in many other news outlets as well. He has been part of the CGDS team since April 2019, working  as an editor for our translation project of the university courses Gender Pedagogy and Gender Media. Many congratulations, Mr Renwar, and best wishes toward your completion of the degree!

Image Description: A smiling man with short dark hair faces the camera in slight profile. He wears a white collared shirt and burgundy tie under a black jacket with a gold crest by the left lapel. The background is a very blurred outdoor scene of mostly blue sky.