KirkukNow Reaches Out to CGDS to Request Support for Developing a Gender-Sensitive Approach


The independent news website KirkukNow reached out to CGDS to request support for developing a gender-sensitive approach. On April 8th, 2019, CGDS Director Dr. Choman Hardi met with Mr. Salam Omer, Editor-In-Chief of KirkukNow, along with his team: Ms. Rezhna Sardar, Ms. Zhino Khalil, and Ms. Shnyar Rizgar. KirkukNow is dedicated to covering Iraq’s disputed territories, and aims to provide easy access to information and promote coexistence. The news outlet also aims to develop gender sensitive media policy to protect women from victimization and promote gender equality. CGDS supports KirkukNow, and is happy to advise on developing the policy and provide training to the diverse team of journalists to implement the new strategy. This is part of CGDS’s EU funded project, which aims to support different sectors of the community to develop understanding, capacity, and policy. Education, along with research, and community outreach, is CGDS’s mission.