Enable the Children Organization Hosts CGDS

On January 13 2021, CGDS was hosted by the Enable the Children Association, a group in Sulaimani that supports and advocates for people with Brain Paralysis (Cerebral Palsy) and their families. Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Deputy Director, and Ms. Tara Burhan, CGDS MENA Community Liaison, spoke with Mr. Sardar Khalil, the organization’s director. Mr. Yousif Mohammed, Mr. Othman Hama Amin, and Mr. Farhad Arif, all part of the organization’s volunteer management team, were also present, along with Ms. Andrea Othman, a member of the organization who is currently studying Kurdish Literature at the University of Sulaimani, thanks to the support of her family and the organization. Established in 2009, Enable the Children partners with the German organization Lobetal, and is in the process of building a multipurpose center to serve its 1,500 members. CGDS looks forward to working with Enable the Children to combat stigma against people with disabilities through education and community awareness.  


Photo description: There are two photos. In one, two women, both with their hair pulled back, sit side by side, smiling and looking at the camera. The woman on the left wears glasses and sits in a pink-frame wheelchair. In the other image, five people stand in stockinged feet on bright orange exercise mats in front of a large window that has the shades drawn. Three men, all wearing jackets, flank two women. All have their hands folded in front of them all five look at the camera.