Dr. Lynn Rose Reports on Disability in Mogadishu for the Disability History Association Newsletter

“Same Blood Same Bone Same Life’: Disability Advocacy in Mogadishu” appears in the fall 2021 Disability History Association News. Dr. Lynn, CGDS Director of Research and Disability Studies, traveled to Mogadishu, Somalia, in March 2021, and met with three disability advocacy organizations there. CGDS is an institutional member of the Disability History Association. Other articles in the newsletter include, among others, Thomas Tajo’s “The Art of Echolocation and Perpetual Navigation”,  Nancy Hansen’s “Ableism Under the Guise of Choice,” and “Sign Language, Deafness and Exclusion in Renaissance England” by Rosamund Oates.
Image description: A four-story building, labeled in faded letters as a bank, is shown here. It is missing its external walls and windows. A pile of rubble and some sparse foliage is in front of the ruined building. The ruined bank reflects the ruined financial situation. Very few people use cash, as there is too much danger of theft. Business is transacted over the phone.