CGDS Visits Halabja Disability Organization

On August 17 2022, CGDS Director of Disability Studies Dr. Lynn Rose, along with APP Director Ms. Zimkitha Mpatheni and translator Ms. Shabang Sardar, visited the Halabja Disability Organization. The director of the organization, Mr. Mariwan Wahbi Rashid, along with Ms. Nyan Aziz, Mr. Rastgo Adil, and their core team, provided a background of the organization along with updates on their recent projects, and suggested several avenues of collaboration. We congratulate HDO on their tireless efforts in disability advocacy and education.

Image description: Ten people—five men, four women, and a girl, are on an outside, ramped entryway. They all face the camera; most are smiling. Two women wear hijab and one man sits in a wheelchair.