CGDS Presents Panel Session at the World Disability and Rehabilitation Professionals Conference

On 12 November 2021, Dr. Shakir, AUIS Instructor in English and Social Sciences and the spring 2021 CGDS Jan Warner Visiting Scholar, and Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Director of Research and Disability Studies, presented a panel session on disability and diversity at the 6th World Disability and Rehabilitation Professionals Conference, held in Sri Lanka (via Zoom). Dr. Lynn opened the session with the paper “Disability, Diversity, and Inclusion: A Colloquium,” followed by three papers presented by Dr. Shakir: “The Importance of Being Inclusive (In Kurdistan-Iraq)”; “The Medical Model and Testimonial Quieting”; and “Everyday Ableism in Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Iraq.” Dr. Lynn closed the session with the fifth paper, “Epistemic Violence Against PWD.” The theme of this year’s WDRPC was “It Takes a Village: Accessing Disability Services Across the Globe.”

Image description: This conference poster has five lines on the left. The top four lines, in blue, are: The 6th World Disability & Rehabilitation Conference 2021; the bottom line, in small, green font, reads Virtual Conference. On the right is a blue oblong with the dates 11th -12th November 2021 in white font, and a circular white logo below, reading CPD Certified.