CGDS Participates in Mediation Workshop

CGDS Director Dr. Choman Hardi took part in a training program in mediation on 11-15 January, 2021. The program, designed for alumnae of the Women in Conflict 1325 Fellowship Program, presented the theories and practice of peace mediation in peace processes; introduced mediation micro-skills; examined case studies; and introduced tools for conflict analysis. The workshop, sponsored by Beyond Borders Scotland, was based on exercises, discussion, presentations, and skills practice.

Photo description: A woman with shoulder-length curly dark hair stands in a hallway. In 1/8 profile, she faces the camera, smiling slightly. She wears a sage green v-neck knit sweater; her arms are crossed over her waist. The background consists of frosted glass doors and windows to the left and empty bookshelves to the right.