CGDS Participates in “International Women’s Day: Disability and Media”

On May 9, 2021, in honor of International Women’s Day, three women involved with disability activism and advocacy spoke about gendered disability in the media. The panel, held via Zoom from Jakarta, Indonesia, featured Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Deputy Director; Dr. Nurul Hasfi, of Diponegoro University; and Ms. Niyan Aziz S. Mohamad, from the Halabja Disability Organization. Ms. Dyah Paramita, from the Center for Regulation Policy and Governance, Oman, moderated the discussion. Over 200 registrants joined the seminar.

Image description: A poster for the session, in a purple and blue background, shows the tile of the talk in white font on top, followed by the date and time. The heads of three women are showcased in circles (two with hijab, one without), with their names and positions below, also in white font. In the bottom range of the poster, we see two links, and on the right side, a fourth woman (in hijab) in a circle, with her name and position in white font below.