CGDS Holds Retreat Day for Directors and Administrative Staff

The CGDS directors and administrative team gathered at the Ramada Hotel in Sulaimani for an all-day retreat. With CGDS’s growth over the years since its founding in 2015, we recognized the need to maximize the efficiency of CGDS both internally and externally. Ms. Sewe Anwar, CGDS Coordinator, and Mr. Hamno Nawzad, CGDS Financial Assistant, took initiative to prepare and present a detailed overview of AUIS departments and procedures. Mr. Ali Azeez, CGDS Research Assistant and SPARK Coordinator, also explained the process of completing the AUIS timesheets. Also discussed were policies for our drivers, opportunities to work with Student Support Services, procedures for our student workers, and event management. Following this, all of the staff members presented an overview of their main duties, along with an evaluation of their strengths and skills, and how these skills could be put to their best use. In attendance, in addition to those mentioned, were Dr. Choman Hardi, CGDS Director; Dr. Hawar Jamal, Program Manager; Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Deputy Director; Mr. Miran Fattah, Project Manager; Mr. Rasti Ranj, Hub Manager and MEAL Consultant; Ms. Shanya Mohammed, Administrative Assistant; and Ms. Tara Burhan, MENA Liaison.

Photo Description: There are two photos. One is a group photo of ten people, five seated on a blue curved couch and five standing behind the couch. Standing are one woman, two men, another woman, and a man, all smiling slightly. Seated are three women flanked by two men, all smiling. There is a round, glass-topped table in the foreground, and in the background we see a mirror, a decorated glass panel, and a large plant. In the other photo, we see a woman with short dark hair, her elbow on the table in front of her, her back to the camera, and her right hand raised to point at the screen. The large screen has two fields, the words Travel Authorization on the left, with indecipherable print on the right.