CGDS Director of Disability Studies Completes AMICAL Training in Oral History

Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Director of Disability Studies, completed training in the online Digital Oral History Institute, hosted by the AMICAL Consortium. The Institute consisted of three interconnected workshops in the methodology of oral history, facilitated by Dr. Brooke Bryan of Antioch College, Ohio. During the Institute, participants learned tools and tactics for planning a digital oral history project, implementing best practices, conducting interviews, working with archives, and building collaborative public-facing projects using digital tools.

Following the Institute, AMICAL members are able to apply to join the Digital Oral History cohort program for project support. This program includes further trainings that will focus on how to build curated, public-facing projects with free or open source tools.

Dr. Lynn completed the workshop in preparation to teach “Disability Studies Beyond the Classroom,” a project in which student-researchers will interview people with disabilities from the community in order to increase disability visibility in Sulaimani. The class is scheduled for the spring 2023 semester.

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