CGDS Continues Institutional Membership in the Disability History Association

We at the Center for Gender and Development Studies at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani, are happy to continue our institutional membership in the Disability History Association. We take an intersectional approach to gender justice, with a particular focus on disability rights and disability advocacy. Working with about ten advocacy and service groups in Sulaimani, we aim to incorporate disability identity into our research and people with disabilities into our community.  Most recently, we held a focus group discussion at the university about the interaction of disability and higher education, from which we will develop a recommendation to the Kurdistan Ministry of Higher Education.

Photo description: A woman with her hair pulled back, wearing black trousers and a white-edged cape, stands in front of a large screen, gesturing at it with her left hand. On the screen we see the words Disability Community in white font on an orange circle, and to the right, eleven names of disability organizations in dark blue font. To the left of the screen is a white flip chart, and a fabric-draped table is in front of the screen.