CGDS Celebrates International Women’s Week with a Morning Movie

With thanks to the UNFPA, which supports us is empowering women and combatting GBV, CGDS hosted a morning movie on Thursday, March 11, 2021 for the women of disability advocacy organizations in Sulaimani. Twenty-five women from Autism Blue, the Blind Union, the Handicap Union, Rozh Society, and the Short Stature Organization were invited to join us on the AUIS campus for “The Conductor,” a 2018 film based on a historical account from the last century of a woman who wanted to be a conductor but was denied the opportunity because of her gender. Thanks to the generosity of the EU, our guests received fabric for traditional Kurdish dresses as a token of our best wishes for the Nawroz holiday. CGDS is proud to work with disability advocacy organizations in an attempt to bring about and social and gender justice.

Image description: Twenty-one women and one man are seated in three rows of fabric and metal chairs, evenly spaced apart from each other. The view is from the back. We see two large signs to the left and in the front, logos for the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. A large screen is in the front of the room but the image projected on it is indecipherable. The carpet is blue and the walls are light brown wood. All of the women except for three wear hijab. To the right of most chairs, on the floor, are white packages tied with purple ribbon.