CGDS at Brawijaya University, Indonesia

On September 26, 2019, three speakers were invited to speak to an audience of 100 students in Malang, Indonesia. Dr. Lynn Rose, Deputy Director of CGDS and Professor in the Social Sciences, offered a guest lecture to undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Social Sciences at Brawijaya University. Dr. Lynn talked about some principles of disability justice and about the efforts of CGDS to educate people in the MENA region about disability advocacy. Mr. Tri Sasano, an advocate for HIV Awareness, spoke about the need to decrease the stigma around HIV, especially in rural areas. Medical historian Dr. Hans Pols, from the University of Sydney, Australia, talked about issues of mental health in Indonesia. The talks were by invitation of Mr. Slamet Thohari, of the Department of Sociology and the Centre for Disability Studies Atheer Brawijaya University. A lively Q & A session with the audience followed the talks.