Workshop on qualitative methods and their application in RQDA

On August 29 Dastan Jasim, visiting scholar at CGDS, held a workshop on qualitative methods and the application of those in RQDA. The objective of the workshop was to generally give a differentiation between quantitative and qualitative methods but also to show the many possibilities between these two types of methodology. The need for the workshop emerged during CGDS’s work on their EU funded Media Monitoring Project, where an accessible and easy way to analyze a lot of reports on TV shows was needed. However, many other members of CGDS who are not specifically working on that project have also taken the opportunity to attend the workshop and to use this program for their own work. The program introduced is based on the programming language R and is an interface that can be opened via RStudio, which is an open source program. The attendants learned how to load text data into the program and how to code it into different theoretically derived categories, as well as to use different tools of analysis to get an overview of all codings. However, also short examples for the quantitative uses of RStudio were given. CGDS urges the importance of both qualitative and quantitative methods and is eager to create an environment where different researchers with different areas of methodological focus can share their knowledge. The tutorial can be accessed via: