CGDS Announces Visiting Scholar for Fall Semester 2019


Dr. Hawzhin Azeez will join the Center for Gender and Development Studies as a full-semester Visiting Scholar. Dr. Hawzhin, whose PhD is from the University of Newcastle, Australia, works on a variety of topics in Political Science, with a focus on nation building and post war reconstruction. Her thesis  project was “Reconstructing Iraq: Iraq State-Building, Nation-Building, and Violence.” She has travelled internationally, giving talks on political issues relating to migration flow and displacement, gender rights, and Middle Eastern politics with a specialization in Iraq and Syria. She worked for four years in the Middle East with local and international NGOs, and established a non-profit organization to assist with post war construction in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Dr. Hawzhin will teach our gender minor course LIT 350/GEN350, “Gendered Representations of Genocide.” She will also work on her own research and with various CGDS projects. Please help us welcome Dr. Hawzhin to AUIS and to Sulaimani.