CGDS Announces a Publication on Disability Rights in Manara Magazine

On March 17, 2022, Manara Magazine published the piece “Disability Rights as Human Rights in Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Iraq, authored by Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Director of Disability Studies. The piece appears in the first issue of 2022, titled “Suffering, Perseverance, and Hope: Minority Voices from the Middle East and North Africa.” The entire issue is available here.  Manara Magazine is published by the Cambridge MANAF (Middle East and North Africa Forum.) “Disability Rights as Human Rights” can be found here.

Image description: This is a cover of an electronic magazine. The top, most narrow range of the photo consists of three lines of text. On the left, Manara is in upper-case black font except for the final A, which is in orange. To the right are several titles of links. The middle range of the image is a photo, foregrounding nine seated people, all men except one, in a larger group. The small caption reads People with disabilities protest in Sulaimani 12th July 2021. The bottom range of the image reads, in black font. Disability Rights as Human Rights in Sulaimani, with a small orange square above it in which we see the words Political Analysis.