CGDS Helps Shape Healthy Workplaces

One of the goals of the Center for Gender and Development Studies is to foster gender equity in the community. To that end, and with the help of an EU grant to promote gender awareness through education, CGDS has assisted several places of employment by offering workshops and consultation. Most recently, employees from KirkukNow, an independent news website, attended a workshop on Gender and the Media (1 August 2019), after the management team consulted with CGDS about developing a gender-sensitive approach the previous April. CGDS also assisted  Ashur Brick in developing their sexual harassment policy, after providing a workshop on sexual harassment, sponsored by the Hiwa Foundation, in April 2019. The CGDS Team is available for workshops and consultations in both the public and private sector, supported by the EU. We offer workshops and consultations on Gender & Media, Social Justice, Sexual Harassment, Gendered Education, Disability Awareness, Gender & Health, and Women & Political Participation.