CGDS Named Implementing Partner with UNFPA

The Center for Gender and Development Studies is delighted to announce the first phase of partnership with UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, in a project that will promote gender equity in Kurdistan. The project’s goals include strengthening the overall understanding of gender and gender-based violence, and mainstreaming the general issues of gender as a social construct and the stereotypes around it. These goals go hand in hand with ensuring that policy and decision-makers are exposed to gender sensitization, because this is interlinked to gender empowerment. In addition, we aim to ensure that the current generation is exposed to gender sensitization efforts in education and higher education systems through developed curricula, which will also be applicable to inform reproductive health programs. The first phase of this project begins immediately and runs through the end of 2020.

Description of image: A large orange circle on the right contains the letters UNFPA in white. There are  nine smaller circles in rows of three on the left; all the smaller circles are plain orange except for the third from the left in the center row, which is the United Nations emblem: an equidistant projection world map in blue embraced by two olive branches, also in blue.