ESRC Network on Gender Violence Across War and Peace

The Center for Gender & Development Studies (CGDS) has partnered with the London School of Economics (LSE) for a new project on gender based violence. Dr. Choman Hardi is one of Co-Investigators of the project Gender Violence Across War and Peace. Dr. Hardi is conducting research for this collaboration, which aims to determine how funders’ and donors’ priorities in the Kurdistan region influence the work of local NGOs on the ground.

The Center for Women, Peace and Security in the LSE began a project in March 2017 named the Strategic Network on Gender Violence Across War and Peace, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The Network's objective is to develop an understanding of the "continuum of violence" substructure by looking at four countries’ situations: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka.

The project's network objectives include gathering together researchers, activists, and, practitioners from different countries. Every member will cover typical conflict-affected situations in order to recognize research needs related to the violence structure, build associative relationships, and forward discussion on gender violence.

The project team aims to collect a provisional picture of the different and complementary forms of gender violence as they continue to exist beyond war and peace, resulting in a more informed and mature understanding of variation and suitable responses. As a result, they will produce materials such as research summaries, short videos, blogs, and policy briefings that reflect the continuous challenges that face every country in its current situation.

Finally, this project will promote collaboration between the partners and investigators for future research projects such as transcribing insights from the Strategic Network into a long-term knowledge base that may influence academics, policy, practitioners, and activist attempts to reduce every form of gender based violence.

The outcome of the ESRC network was the publication of a paper by Women Peace and Security Working Paper Series titled 'Gender Issues in the Context of the Humanitarian Crisis'




Article written by CGDS Intern Raz Rizgar Hayder