Shanya Mohammed Saeed

Communications and Digital Media Officer
Email: [email protected]
Office: A-F2-36

Shanya was born in Sulaymaniyah – Kurdistan, Iraq. She has joined CGDS on 23rd August 2020 as an Admin/ IT Assistant, since 1st April, 2021 she is the Communication and Digital Media Officer. She has BA degree in English Language and Literature and graduated from the Department of English – University of Slemani. She has experience in working with I/NGOs as peacebuilding facilitator and mediator, conflict management, working with people coming from different backgrounds, and working on the important role of women in peace making at GYO and UPP. At the same time, she has experience working in administration department at Crescent Petroleum – Dana Gas for drilling project. Favorite part of working with CGDS is the supportive environment and equal opportunity. It is a place to work with professional and talented people. Hobbies: painting, writing, acting, graphic design.