Savan Abdulrahman

LSE Research Assistant
Email: [email protected]
Office: A-F2-37  

Savan Abdulrahman Ahmed is the editor-in-chief at DidiMn, a Kurdish cultural website. She is currently working on LSE Research project on the Roots of Masculinity as a Research Assistant. As a literary translator, she has worked in consultation with the director of Zheen Archive to select and translate Piramerd’s selected prose and poetry into English. Savan has earned an accounting degree from the Administration and Economics department at the University of Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. She is Also the founder of Tema Group which is dedicated for Education and conducting research, there she supervised a research on Abortion as a moral Act and women’s freedom to make choices. Her translated worka has appeared in, M—Dash, Mask Magazine and The Militant. DidiMn has published Ahmed's book “Translation: An Act More Than Changing Words” and May68 Youth Group has published her translated book “Universities in a Neoliberal World.”