CGDS Participates in “Diversity, Disability, and Retention”

As part of the Texas International Education Consortium’s partnership with AUIS to integrate gender and diversity into the curriculum, CGDS participated in a virtual brown bag workshop, “Diversity, Disability, and Retention,” on January 3, 2021. Dr. Choman Hardi, CGDS Director, spoke on women and higher education in Kurdistan; Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Deputy Director, presented an overview of people with disability and higher education in the region. Dr. Jennifer Wimbish, author of Leadership Wisdom for All Generations, spoke about the situation of minority women in the U.S., and Dr. Lauren Bedsole, of Corsicana, Texas, moderated the workshop, which was attended by academics from both Kurdistan and Texas.

Photo description: We see the heads of two smiling women standing shoulder to shoulder against the background of white marble buildings and conifers. The woman on the left, with dark curly hair, wears glasses and a dark red scarf around her neck; the woman on the right, with light hair pulled back, wears a green scarf around her neck.