Peace and Security

Most contemporary wars are intrastate conflicts, with intimate regional connections and far-reaching consequences. They often involve a combination of state, non-state and quasi-state security forces, and take place in an urban theatre. This context requires detailed local knowledge to make sense of the way conflict is triggered, sustained and prevented. IRIS aims to shed light on the local nuances of conflict, peace and protection in Iraq and thereby encourage local ownership of security sector processes.
We examine four contemporary peace and security challenges:
  • Non-state armed groups and hybrid security forces
  • Security sector reform, including demobilization, disarmament and reintegration
  • The security-development nexus
  • Understanding local conflict dynamics in order to prevent and resolve violent conflict
Recent projects under the Peace and Security portfolio include the following:
  • Post-ISIS security project (2016-2019): IRIS, the Global Public Policy institute and the Afghanistan Analysts Network are engaged in a research and knowledge sharing initiative exploring the impact of sub-state or hybrid security forces in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.
Recent publications include:

Recent events include: